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Hi! I'm Charlotte

I’m a lot. I’m the loudest person in the room, my laugh carries, and I wear my many passions on my sleeve. If there’s music, I’m dancing and singing along (poorly); if there’s paint, I’m painting; if I can ruin a wall in my apartment with flamingo wallpaper - you know it's already up in my bathroom. 


As a theatre artisan in my past life I was creating for a specific story, to impart a feeling on watchers. I got a taste of designing for an active user rather than a passive audience when I dove headfirst into immersive theatre. The story was no longer about being told and seen, it was about how it was being experienced. There was more than just designing a room, we had to think about the humans in the room and how we wanted them to experience it. What did we want them to discover? Beyond what the room contained, my team had to work together with lighting and sound to draw attention where we wanted it. There was tons of trial and error - why didn’t an audience member find that little scrap of paper? Why was that one obsessed with that one spot on the wall? 


Each audience was a test, and each day was an iteration of the design - thinking about who and why. Guiding that experience was so freakin' cool. Users need an experience designed for them to find what we need them to, either in a room or on a screen. Spaces are created to hold humans, but it is what we make of them that makes them reflect that humanity back at us. Everything that I felt I was missing in theatre design I found in UX, designing digital spaces gave me even more focus than physical ones.


When not tied to my computer, you can find me giggling over TikTok's, perfecting my margarita, attempting to dismantle the patriarchy, or trying to find the perfect formula of black lipstick.

Charlotte Vosseler

Do I sound like a good fit for your team? Please reach out! 

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