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SpOoOoOkY Photoshop Challenges

Dear reader, this was a tough week for me. In my time spent in immersive events at The McKittrick Hotel, Halloween was our busiest time. This year in particular was going to be a tough one: 3 parties 3 nights in a row with a full reset of the show happening the next morning. It was going to be a week of very little sleep and a whole lot of stress, with the last party on Halloween getting an extra hour of party and an hour less of time in between for our stretched thin crew. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The entire live events industry has been shuttered for 8 months now, with many more still to come. My friends and colleagues have been unemployed and hurting, while I feel guilty for leaving the industry before the pandemic was even a whisper of possibility. So I took the week off (kinda).

Instead of collaging and spending all my time thinking of a blog post or working on new job applications, I played. Behance has had some sPoOoOkY photoshop challenges happening, so I did a few of them from the week of September 28th - October 9th. I love photoshop, and am trying to get better at doing things in a more...legitimate way than I have been. Photoshop has become such a powerful tool that it is now easier and easier to create interesting elements. These challenges have been teaching me more and more about the tools I have that make my job easier and faster.

Here are the 3 I’ve completed (so far!). Have a very happy and safe Halloween, please vote, and remember to take time for yourself this week. It may not make everything ok, but it does make it a bit more bearable.

A girl appears as a blue ghost in a desaturated hallway
Ethereal Objects - Ghostly Girl

A wine glass with a disturbing green liquid next to a white paper maché skull on a red tablecloth
Magical Potion - Drink If You Dare
A crystal ball reflects the image of a foggy forest with a stream while hovering above an outstretched hand
Crystal Ball - Another World

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