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Charlotte for Zola 

Congratulations, Zola's growing!

Need a designer?

I'm Charlotte, And I'm Here To Help!

As a Product and Visual Designer with a history in immersive theatre design, I love creating discoverable spaces that come to life through collaborative and iterative processes. I’ve created many curated events, but weddings hold a special place in my heart for many reasons, in part because they express a unified vision that everyone gets to enjoy.

I Understand The Whole Process

I can see that creating a special, curated, and easy experience is an essential part of your mission. As someone who knows the value of bringing beauty, carefully constructed design, and a supportive user experience into all the events that come through our lives, I would love an opportunity to take my experience as not only a designer and executor of events, but as someone who understands and recognizes the importance of the end user as a member of the Zola Design Team.

I've Got Your Back

I can advocate for and interpret your customer needs with the additional experience of actually being one of your customers. When I was planning my wedding a few years ago, Zola allowed me to have fun beyond the stress of designing every detail. I sat down with a glass of wine and imagined the joy I’d feel that day as I curated my registry on the platform. Wedding planning is surprisingly similar to product design. The initial excitement and flood of ideas gets narrowed down and condensed to a final product that is there to express the visual manifestation of a couple’s love and joy that all guests enjoy. 

How I Can Make Magic Happen


Great Under Pressure


In-depth User Insight


Unique + Diverse Background

Created For You, By Me

In working with others I am always there to help communicate, design on the fly, advance artistic visions, and mitigate design concerns. I spent years working on immersive events that revolved around how audience members interacted with our spaces. In my time in the events design department at Sleep No More, I came up with a new strategy that changed the performance design and provided regular break out engagements for participants who would otherwise be waiting on a line. By understanding the user flow and desired outcome for our audience, we were able to build a seamless, enjoyable experience that helped them discover new moments throughout the event.  

Hitched Without A Hitch

As I’m sure you know, every wedding usually has some small hitch. Throughout my first career in the fast-paced theater industry, I have proven myself able to offer solutions and quickly solve problems under pressure. In my time in theatre, I was often presented with time-sensitive issues that would directly affect audience members without interrupting flow or experience. I am a firm believer in “how can we make this happen?” and I am quick to iterate with feedback to make the best product possible. I challenge my initial assumptions and am the kind of person who always says yes to experimentation and trying new things. If you are looking for someone who thinks outside the box, can manage multiple priorities and burning deadlines with a level head, and who thrives in a high pressure environment while remaining a sounding board for the team, I am that person.

Ready For You

I’m eager to bring my ideas and passion to an industry I fell in love with and would love to make the experience of engaging with wedding planning seamless and joyful for everyone. I can think of no better place to do this than Zola. I’d love to tell you more about why I’d be a great asset to the Product Design team. I look forward to hearing from you.


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