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A dating app...for dogs?

A quick design challenge today! I needed to dust off the Figma cobwebs and challenge myself to get more comfortable with software that isn't Sketch, so I used Designersize to come up with a speedy 15 min whiteboard challenge of a confirmation modal for a dating app to help dog walkers.

I bent the rules a bit, deciding to focus on dog owners (they also walk dogs, right?) where the main profile picture would focus their dog rather than the human. Every dog owner I know has a dog "voice" that they use when asking their dog if they'd like to go on a walk, so I wanted to take try and encompass that playfulness in my font choice as well as keeping as much of the copy dog-centric.

What do you think? I'm pretty pleased for a quick 15 minute design in an unfamiliar software but would love to hear thoughts and critiques!

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